BREAKING NEWS: North Korea launches a ballistic missile

North Korea has reportedly launched a ballistic missile, according to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency.

The South Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff have stated that the missile was launched from the city of Kusong.

It is not known if the launch was a success, however, reports are claiming that the missile traveled for over 400 miles.

President Trump was informed early Saturday evening and USA and South Korea forces in the area are now on full alert.

North Korea last attempted a missile test on April 28th, which was deemed a failure after exploding seconds into its flight.

Tensions are already high on the Korean peninsula and will be further strained in light of the rhetoric coming out of Pyongyang and Washington.

President Trump has said that a “major, major conflict” is a possibility and the North Koreans have stepped up their saber rattling in recent weeks.

The U.S. have moved a naval strike group into the area and deployed the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea.

The South Koreans have just elected a new President and this could be the Norths way of reminding Moon Jae In what he has to deal with in the coming months.

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